Wireless ID Trap

The Wireless ID trap is a patent-pending device and technology that can capture an intruders personal smart device and mobile phone information.

What is it?

Not much has changed in the last 20 years in home security, especially when it involves capturing an intruder. The Wireless ID trap has a unique function that when the alarm from a home or business security system is triggered, the Wireless ID Trap takes over. It sends a signal that jams all wireless activity including Mac IDs, IMEI, IMSIs and SIM card information, which captures all the personal information that is associated to these unique devices.

How Does it work

it captures the identity of all current smart devices

During setup, once activated, it captures the identity of all current smart devices including mobile phones in the home or business.

sets a 25 yard perimeter around the home

The wireless ID trap sets a 25-yard perimeter around the home or business and identifies smart devices or mobile phones that are emitting signals.

stores information

The Wireless ID Trap stores the information that will be used by law enforcement.

Triggered by glass breakage, Alarm activation, or new device detection.

It's activated by the home or business owner when the system senses unusual activity, glass breakage, alarm activation or when a new device is detected.

captures device identifiers

The Wireless ID Trap captures all the device identifiers within its range and compares them with the original file taken when the device was set up.

Redirects all wireless activity to gather information

All outstanding devices will give local Law Enforcement, the unique information associated to the burglary - such as phone numbers, names and unique ID's associated to these devices, to question the person or persons that were in the 25 yard perimeter of your home at the time of the burglary.

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